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Professional Interventionist Cost

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Seeing a loved one suffer from substance abuse causes lots of pain. The last thing you want to think about is professional intervention cost.
Drug abuse gets out of control and dangerous to family members and the person using. You need an intervention specialist. An interventionist confronts or motivates a drug addict. The goal is to seek help at a treatment center or through a treatment program.
Professional intervention cost vary based on your location and what services you request. Interventions vary and some can cost a lot of money. Some cost up to $10,000. A Sober Caddy’s cost is $2,000.
It’s important to not only vet someone you might work with, but also ask specific questions about costs. You need to lock in a price. Check out out post, 7 Qualifying Questions to Ask a Professional Interventionist.
Do not move forward without a clear price. Before choosing an interventionist, ask the company to show you a contract. Don’t allow an interventionist to increase price later.
An intervention causes stress for family members. Interventions are emotionally-charged event. Unfortunately, there is no script or guarantee as for how the intervention will go.
The goal of any intervention is for the client to say “yes.” But if the client says no, there should not be more charges.
For a crisis intervention solution, a Sober Caddy charges $2,000. A Sober Caddy executes an organizes the intervention of your loved one.
Our intervention includes the following:
  • pre-intervention meeting
  • actual crisis intervention
  • treatment placement in trusted inpatient treatment facility
This can also include actions and meetings needed to find a healthy solution. The contract might include several interventions, boundary-setting meetings, and enabling stoppage.

About a Sober Caddy

Located in Dallas, Texas, Sober Caddy helps your loved ones get sober with a higher success rate. We use tools, tactics and techniques that help create a long term effective intervention. We aim to help the entire family system and the addicted person. Our clients gain responsibility and accountability and we help them gain motivation to move forward in recovery long after a drug & alcohol intervention.

As a family member of a drug addict or alcoholic, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. You are part of a community that needs support and guidance.

We help with treatment placement, family recovery coaching, and post-treatment monitoring.