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Family Resource

Family Resource

There is no shame loving an addict.

As a family member of an alcoholic and/or drug addict first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. You are part of a community that needs support and guidance, and A Sober Caddy was started for this exact reason.

We need to come together as a community to work together. I can point you in the direction of that support and guidance. Much like your loved one is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, you as a family member have become addicted to loving and saving your loved one. Your life has been altered and affected due to loving an addict and/or alcoholic.

No amount of love can save your loved one, and you can rest assured that you did not cause the addiction. You’ve done all that you can do. Allow me to guide and support you in this process of finding solutions for your loved one.

First Things First

First thing that needs to be done is to take back control, and let your loved one know that this way of life needs to stop immediately. In most cases, an addict and/or alcoholic will say that they have things under control and that they do not need treatment.

Addiction is a cunning, baffling disease and cannot be cured with reasoning and/or pleading. I personally struggled for over 15 years in active addiction. Spiraling out of control and towards death. There was nothing that my family could do for me, cause they were seeing life through a different set of lenses.

Allow Me to Provide Focus and Support

I have been on both sides of the disease, and can guide, protect, and provide solution……if you let me. There is often an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Know that hope can be found, but it will take time. I can walk with you step-for-step through the course of addiction.

Family Healing and Recovery

​Addiction is a family disease, and while your loved one is getting the help he needs,  I want to help the family heal as well. Your loved one going to treatment is only the start of things, it hasn’t cured anything yet.

Please know that just because your loved one is in treatment, does not mean that all the family’s issues will solve themselves. Family Roles will be brought to light, and therefore, solutions can be created and new roles can be defined.

Questions or Need Assistance in the Recovery Journey?

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