About Sober Caddy

A case management company that helps you from intervention to true sobriety

Our Philosophy

As a recovery coach and as a group of people in long term recovery, Sober Caddy believes in “narrowly recovery focused” when working and speaking with families and drug addicts.

We believe that if you become focused solely on recovery, putting recovery first in every aspect of your life, that great things happen. Narrowing your focus on recovery allows you to learn and implement spiritual principles that long term recovery requires. These principles should be engrained in every aspect of your life.

Addiction strips you of self-worth and clouds your soul. Addiction mandates that you play different “characters” and the authentic self gets lost. You believe that you need drugs and alcohol to live. You are not alone. You are worthy of love, help, hope, and happiness.

Recovery allows you to get connected to your authentic self. It is not an overnight, painless process but is worth the journey. While getting connected to your authentic self you’ll need to get vulnerable and connected with others that have walked the same journey that you are on. “Me too” are the two most powerful words in recovery. Those two words smash the belief that you are unique. Once you realize that you are not unique, addiction slowly loses power.

When you become recovery-focused and get connected to others (including yourself), change happens. You start rewriting your story. Pain, guilt, shame, fear gets turned into strength. Life will take on new meaning. You’ll live within your purpose. Drugs and alcohol were only crutches due to the belief that you cannot walk through life without it.

Authenticity. Vulnerability. Connection. Three pillars that have built Sober Caddy.

Sober Caddy Values

Values are the leading principles that tell us how we should act.

Our values are critical in giving you and your loved one the best possible care.


Sober Caddy believes in being open and honest with everyone. This includes families, individuals and facilities that it chooses to work with.


A Sober Caddy reserves the right to refuse to work with or partner with an individual or facility – if it is deemed the individual or facility to be partaking in unethical practices. The client and family always come first, and A Sober Caddy believes in working with people and places that have a “client-first” principle.


Being clear and open with everyone involved means that A Sober Caddy puts clients’ needs and safety at the forefront, and works with people and facilities that operate in an ethical manner. A Sober Caddy will not become part of unethical practices in regard to admissions, business development, and/or clinical practices.



A Sober Caddy holds client confidentiality in high regard, and wants to make sure that clients are not mistreated or abused through insurance fraud or “client brokering.” A Sober Caddy will not refer or partner to agencies or facilities believed to be utilizing unethical techniques. A Sober Caddy and staff have taken a pledge to be a part of the solution, and we take pride in that.

Who We Work With


12 Step Focused Facilities


Non Profit Organizations

Case Managers

Extended Care