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5 Characteristics of a Substance Abuse Recovery Coach | Sober Caddy | Dallas
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5 Characteristics of a Substance Abuse Recovery Coach

Professional Recovery Coach

Finding the right substance abuse recovery coach in Dallas can be difficult.

There are a lot of good and bad coaches out there. Some don’t have the experience. Some are not ethical and some just are not connected to the recovery community to give you the best choices for your recovery or for your loved one.

If your recovery coach does not have the following characteristics, you should question moving forward with that person. After all, your recovery or loved one’s life  is on the line.

For example, when looking for a professional interventionist to help your loved one, you’re not going to get just anyone. They need to have the right experience to help bring someone’s fragile or stagnant sobriety into long-term growing recovery.

The same goes for a recovery coach.

Here are five characteristics to look for in a recovery coach.


Bottom line, there are people who do not have your best interest at heart. According to the FBI, Kenneth Chatman was arrested in 2018 on insurance fraud. He opened a treatment facility in Florida and lied about results on his patients’ urine and saliva samples. With each “successful” sample his company pocketed money from insurance companies.

The good news is that since this time laws have changed and Google even changed how treatment centers can market to you.

You might ask, “What does treatment center ethics have to do with recovery coaching?”

You need a recovery coach who is ethical and has your best interested at heart.

At Sober Caddy, one of our values that helps us make sound decisions for our customers and our business is to be ethical. It’s a critical component in the recovery space.

A Sober Caddy reserves the right to refuse to work with or partner with an individual or facility – if it is deemed the individual or facility to be partaking in unethical practices. The client and family always come first, and A Sober Caddy believes in working with people and places that have a “client-first” principle.

Connected to Healing Community

Once you find a recovery coach who has his or her heart in the right place, you want to find one who is connected to the Dallas and North Texas recovery and healing community.

Ethics can only take a recovery coach so far. If he of she does not know the local resources for treatment, counseling, detox, medications, and even legal help, the recovery coach will not be able to help you and your loved one like they should.

Knowledge of Mental Health

Many of us who end up in recovery with substance abuse issues also have mental health issues. Some people in recovery are diagnosed with anxiety disorders or clinical depression and other real mental health issues.

It’s important that your recovery coach knows about medications, classes of narcotics, signs of misuse. You want to make sure your recovery coach knows what medications are not good for sobriety.


Recovery coaching will soon be a mainstream offering people people all over the United States. Your recovery coach needs to be professional.

They should give you access to contracts, program overviews, and references. Your Recovery Coach needs to be a professional and have proof of a legitimate business.

Otherwise who knows what you end up with, and sobriety and working on a better way to life is too much to risk.


Finally, you recovery coach needs to be in recovery. They need to know what you or your loved one is going through. Also they should be sober and in recovery for over three years.

Although many professional services say that recovery coaches only need one year of sobriety, Sober Caddy ensures that our interventionists and professional recovery coaches have three years or more of sobriety.

Jay Staples, Owner of Sober Caddy, has been sober for more than a decade and is highly involved in the recovery community and with many treatment centers across the country.

Jay has been a Master Certified Coach for the last five years and is also a Peer Recovery Support Specialist. He has spent the last seven years in the addiction field as a director of marketing ands a chief operating officer.

Finding someone to help you with recovery is a critical move.  You need to make sure you have someone who has the experience and is ethical and can connect you to the right people.