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Get Your Loved One Help | Sober Caddy | Drug & Alcohol Intervention
6205 La Vista Dr, Dallas, TX 75214

Get Peace of Mind About Your Loved One’s Sobriety

Get help with helping your loved ones with a professional interventionist. To help your loved one get sober, we use tools, tactics and techniques that help create a long term effective intervention. By helping them gain responsibility and accountability, we also help your loved ones motivate themselves to move forward in recovery long after a drug & alcohol intervention.

We help with:

  • Treatment Placement
  • Family Recovery Coach
  • Monitoring Post-Treatment

As a family member of a drug addict or alcoholic, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. You are part of a community that needs support and guidance.

Allow Sober Caddy to guide and support you in this intervention process and help setup a treatment program for your loved one.

About a Sober Caddy’s Program

Step Work
Goal Forecasting

Help Your Loved One Seek Treatment; Get a Game Plan from a Professional

Imagine if a professional golfer with no experience of playing the Masters Tournament at Augusta National went into his first round without a game plan? Or he didn’t have a caddie to talk through complicated shots?

The results would be disastrous.

Yet, many families and friends helping a loved one do exactly this by not creating a game plan for sobriety.

Having a skilled and successful intervention from a professional is similar to a modern-day golf caddie. We are here to focus on the elements of sobriety that you may be overlooking.

Where a golfer is focused purely on making a low score, the caddie is focused on a multitude of other tasks that directly influence the outcome of the overall game.

Golfers and Caddies walking down a fairway in the early morning with dew on the grass. The words 'Get a Game Plan' go across the picture, suggesting that many families are not able to create a real game plan post treatment. Located in Dallas, Texas, Sober Caddy's Intervention Services can help.

About Jay Staples: Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialist in Dallas

Jay Staples, Leading Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialist in Dallas

Jay Staples
Owner of Sober Caddy

Jay Staples has been sober for more than a decade and is highly involved in the recovery community and with many treatment centers across the country.

Jay has been a Master Certified Coach for the last five years and is also a Peer Recovery Support Specialist. He has spent the last seven years in the addiction field as a director of marketing ands a chief operating officer.

He also co-owns Lakewood Recovery in Dallas, Texas.

Jay brings the latest treatment trends and couples them with the recovery practices that have traditionally worked for decades. With a focus on family resources, Jay’s goal is to help with communication, accountability and freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.