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Narrowly Focused Recovery: What is it & How Do You Get it?

The Blessings of Being Narrowly Focused on Recovery

If recovery is what you want, then become narrowly focused on recovery.

Long term recovery is about focusing solely on recovery and all the blessings and all the gifts associated with it.

The promises and miracles come true. But you need to want it and you need to take action.

As an interventionist in Dallas and someone in long-term recovery, Jay Staples uses “narrowly focused recovery” when working with families and addicts. 

“When you focus on recovery and put recovery first in every aspect of your life, then great things happen,” he said.

Narrowing Your Focus

You will learn and use spiritual principles by focusing on your recovery. Engrain these principles in every aspect of your life.

“You do that and you will never see anyone’s life get worse or go back to alcohol and drugs,” Jay said.

Addiction strips you of self-worth and clouds your soul. Addiction mandates that you play different “characters” and the authentic self gets lost. You believe that you need drugs and alcohol to live. But you are not alone.

You are worthy of love, help, hope, and happiness.

Recovery allows you to get connected to your authentic self. It is not an overnight, painless process but is worth the journey. Connect to your authentic self. Get vulnerable and connect with others that have walked the same journey that you are on.

When you become narrowly focused on recovery, you get connected to others and to yourself. This is when change happens. You start rewriting your story. Your physical health increases. You will feel social inclusion. This means you won’t feel excluded form family relationships or friends.

Through the recovery process, pain, guilt, shame, fear gets turned into strength. Life will take on new meaning. You’ll live within your purpose. Drugs and alcohol were only crutches due to the belief that you cannot walk through life without it.

“I’ve built my recovery coaching and recovery on authenticity, vulnerability and connection,” Jay said. “Being a life coach, I work with clients on these same principles whether they are struggling with addiction or mental illness. I am confident in the person that I am, and do not need to be anyone other than myself.”

About a Sober Caddy

Located in Dallas, Texas, Sober Caddy helps your loved ones get sober with a higher success rate. We use tools, tactics, and techniques that help create long term recovery. We aim to help the entire family system and the addicted person. Our clients gain responsibility and accountability. We motivate them to move forward in recovery long after a drug & alcohol intervention.

As a family member of a drug addict or alcoholic, the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone. You are part of a community that needs support and guidance.

We help with treatment placement, family recovery coaching, and post-treatment monitoring.