Improve Your Long-Term Sobriety

Upgrade your sobriety and achieve success with a recovery coach

Are you Feeling Stuck? 

If this sounds familiar, you might not be living up to your full potential in long-term recovery.

  • It’s difficult for you to accomplish goals.
  • You’re not sure what to do or what your passion is in your recovered life.
  • You’re sober, but you feel like you’re not making progress in your overall life.
  • You want to do more to complement your 12-Step program.

Recovery Coach – Why Sober Caddy is Different

As a Recovery Coach, Sober Caddy focuses on your long-term recovery. As Recovery Coaches we’re not simply just trying to keep you or your loved one sober one more day.
Instead, we take a holistic approach and help you find purpose beyond staying sober for a day.

Recovery Principles that Guide Our Recovery Coaches

With our Recovery Principles, you will be able to focus on more than sobriety and have a full life:
  • We help you identify your true purpose and passion for life
  • We help you achieve goals
  • We help you continue to build on the positives you have
  • We give you tools to help you have a healthy recovery
  • We teach you how to achieve discipline

How We Help our Clients in Recovery

How You Will Upgrade Your Sobriety with Sober Caddy

Setting Goals

Building on Success

Tools for Sobriety

Achieving Discipline